Brief History of the WAYLER trademark
First registered in 1979 for fashion, sport equipment, and successfully  used for surfboards, sails, fashion, bicycles, pencils
The trademark has been used in Europe, Usa, Canada,  Japan, Australia and South Africa in the windsurfing sportbusiness.

Brief brand filosofy
Stands for sportive, adventure,  natural, and quality,

“Way” as a way of life,  our personal way we go, future and wandering to  the horizon
“ Wailing ” of the wind

“Whaler ” a wooden ship used for hunting whales

“Y” of yachting
“ W ” for waves, wind, willingness and wonder
‘W” of warf :  a landing place for boats and ships, sometimes with a protective covering or enclosure

WAYLER trademark protection
The trademark WAYLER is protected through trademark registration and applications in the Benelux Trademarks Registry for :
cosmetic and perfume products
sailing and motor vessels
toys and games
alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

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